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School Days, School Days

Hello Friends!

Well, being back in school has been an adjustment for sure, but me, the hubby, and the quilter dogs are starting to get in the swing of things. The second week was a lot less stressful for me than the first week. Hopefully that trend will continue! This week I also worked as an election official at the primary election. It is always an eye-opening experience. Even though it is exhausting, I love to do it, so I will be working the General Election in November. Pray for me! :)

So, I have obviously not been able to get into my sewing room, but I think that I told you in one of my last blogs that I went on a stress fabric buying binge just before school started, well, it’s all here now… So, let’s look at the numbers through just barely parted fingers… Squint a little, too, please! This is also, in my defense, the last two weeks added together…

Fabric in this week: 24.444

Fabric out this week: 0

Net Fabric this week: 24.444

Net Fabric 2018: 103.783

So, back over 100 yards… The good news is that I have two orders in that will need to go out in the next month. The bad news is that I have to figure out how to fit them into my schedule. Figure it out I will though. And speaking of fitting into my schedule, I would love to get back to doing some quilting now, so I will leave you there.

Until Next time:

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There's so much to tell you!

There's so much to tell you!

Fabric Friday, Tuesday Edition

Fabric Friday, Tuesday Edition