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Well, Hello Friends!

I believe Fabric Monday is becoming a thing...  Replacing good old Fabric Friday...  So we are doing a bunch of cleaning and improvements at the house.  Still waiting on a few things to finish on the exterior, but we have been working on the interior a bit.  I have cleaned out my pantry, several kitchen drawers, the dining room built-ins, and over the weekend we tackled the sun porch.  It had become a crap catch all, and it was really bad, guys...  I mean, REALLY bad.  And being as how that sort-of set the tone for the house as we use it as the entry way, it was kinda weighing both my husband and I down, emotionally when we were entering.  Now, it's bright, it's clean, (it even smells good) and it is AWESOME!  It took a couple of hours of our Saturday, but we powered through.  Filled up our entire weekly garbage allotment, and got it clean.  We only have the two do crates left, and we were going to see if the local dog rescue would want them as a donation.

My quilter dogs are far too diva to use their crates.  Taco used to cry every time he was in his crate and we were in another room, plus to be honest, he's too big for his crate and doesn't need one, he is totally trustworthy.  But my husband didn't feel it was fair to have Taco outside of the crate and Pixel in one...  She has actually done really well out of the crate with Taco around.  So, we folded them up and stored them around two years ago.  But they were taking up space that we wanted for other things, so they are going.  

The rest of my week was a blur of finishing up on some things in the front yard, and then getting ready for school and another surprise I have coming up soon.  I finished binding two quilts this week, I still need to put a tag on one of them and also a tag for my Bear Paw quilt.  The first one I printed, the QR code won't scan.  Not enough contrast between the code and the background, but I got that fixed up and it's ready to be reprinted...  Once I can pick up our new printer...  Ah yes, we have a dead printer...  It jammed over the weekend and now won't print anything, every single piece and type of paper is getting stuck just before the print head...  Joy...  So I have a new one on order, hopefully soon to be ready for pick up at the Best Buy just down the street from me.  That will make everything else that I have to do this week actually doable.  

So, last week, suffice it to say, I didn't get much done, sewing wise.  I did manage to load a new quilt on the frame, but haven't gotten much accomplished on it.  And I made a few VERY small things that are still #secretsewing.  So, here's how last week looked, numbers-wise:

Fabric in this week:  0 yards
Fabric out this week:  .139 yards
Net Fabric this week:  -.139 yards
Net Fabric 2018:  80.798 yards

Another week of net negative numbers, even if it's small.  Every little bit helps.  So, I'm off to try to get more progress made on my secret sewing.  Hope to catch you again soon, until then:

Piece and Long Arm

Fabric Friday, Tuesday Edition

Fabric Friday, Tuesday Edition

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Fabric Fri... Ok, Sunday...