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Flip or Flop

When I'm working on a project, especially a quilting project, I go one of two ways, I flip this way, or I flop that.  I flip toward wanting to get it done and off the frame, but on rare occasion, I am having so much fun and so in love with how a project is turning out that I flop toward not wanting to finish...  Not juuuussssttt yet...

My current project, I'm flopping.  I'm working on the Hoffman Dream Big Panel, the Onyx one, and I am LOVING IT!  I mentioned before that I took classes last week with Debby Brown and Friday in the Ruler class, I started this one.  I'm using a greige-type colored Sew Fine thread, and there are certain places where it just melts into the fabric, and other places where it almost glows on top of it, and it looks SO AWESOME!  I only have one petal and a small section of background left to quilt, but I'm having a hard time making myself finish it, because it's so much fun.  I have very special plans for this one, but I will talk more about that in an upcoming blog.  Until then,

Piece and Long Arm!

Fabric Fri...  Ok, Sunday...

Fabric Fri... Ok, Sunday...

I've Been Dreaming

I've Been Dreaming