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Oh Friends

Hello Friends!  

I know it has been quite a while since I blogged last, summer seems to make that happen.  We have been busy with vacation.  Also, quilter dog, Taco has been sick.  He started with Pancreatitis at the end of June, and then he was having some mobility issues at the start of July.  He is feeling better now, thankfully!  Then the other one, Pixel got a little bit of an upset tummy, but she is doing better now.  They are both happy and healthy, but it was a little bit scary fo a while.  Vacation was AMAZING.  Five days in the Hudson Valley of New York, overlooking the mountains and the river.  We stayed in a house with a crazy amazing view and an indoor pool.  It was good for all of us.  The dogs came and they loved it there.  Even though they couldn't run in the yard off-leash, they were able to run around the house, lay out in the sun on the deck, and lay by the pool (neither of them would come in, we didn't try that hard, though).  

I finished the binding on two quilts while we were there, and I read a WHOLE QuiltFolk magazine. (Those things are THICK!).  My rainbow Bear Paw was the first to get finished and get it's glamour shot.  I also finished my nephew's Tie-Dye Ocean quilt, which is going to be his Christmas gift.

When we got back, I had to finish a quilt for my Etsy Shop, so it has been productive, but busy around here.  Check back tomorrow for some numbers.  And until then, take care.

Piece, and Long Arm

Fabric Friday!

Fabric Friday!

Breaking News!

Breaking News!