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Fabric Friday!

Hello Friends!  Guess what?!  It's another Fabric Fri-YAY!!  And today happens to be National DONUT Day.  I mean, it can't get better than that in my opinion.  Anyway, I have a few things to share today, so let's get going!  I featured the quilt above not only for it's oodles of yummy texture from all of that FREE MOTION QUILTING, but because the backing is, you guessed it, DONUTS!  Anyway...

So I've been busy in the studio this week trying to get some things finished up.  I was able to get 1 quilt quilted and bound (I still have to turn the binding and put a tag on it), I got the blocks finished on another quilt (my colorful Bear Paw), and I think I may have finished another quilt top (it's one of those super-secret projects, and I'm trying to decide if it's finished or it's not finished yet, so stay tuned. :)


So I was able to take some fabric out of my stash this week!  YAY!  The fabric that I used was for the backing of the quilt that I finished (Nautical Snuggle) and the binding.  I also made a practice quilt sandwich for the Graffiti Quilting Masterclass that I am taking right now with Karlee Porter.  Let's look and see how the numbers are shaping up, shall we?

Fabric in this week:  0 yards (yay!)
Fabric out this week:  4.862 yards
Net Fabric this week:  -4.862 yards
Net Fabric 2018:  88.172 yards

A NEGATIVE WEEK, GUYS!  I'm excited!  there hasn't been one of those in quite a while.  I'm hoping this is the trend for a while...  Although...  Next week...  Nevermind, we'll deal with next week, next week, right?! :)

So I'm not sure what's on the books for me this weekend, I do know that I have class on Saturday, so I will probably have lots of practicing and homework to do.  Oh, and by the way, it's JUNE already...  Like, the year is almost half over!  WHAT THE FRIGG?!?!  Ok, anyway, happy sewing, and I will catch you next week!  Until then:

Piece and Long Arm!

Custom Quilt, DragonBallZ

Custom Quilt, DragonBallZ

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Fabric Friday: A Frank Fabric Discussion