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Fabric Fri-Yay!

Hello Friends!  We've come to another Friday already.  Is it just me or is the time flying by?  We had some major (and not fun) work done at the house this week, so we spent the early part of the week trying to get there, and the end of the week being relieved that it was finally done.  I have fallen woefully behind on laundry, and have been unable to do more than a couple of loads per week since the beginning of the year, due to the issues we've been having.  Now that it's fixed, I was able to get 4 loads of laundry washed, dried, AND put away yesterday.  A whole day of up and down the stairs...  A whole day of housework...  Only a little bit of long arm playing, it was painful, but I made it through. :)  First world problems...  I am so thankful for what we have and that we were able to get our issues cleared up!

Anyway, let's get to sewing!  I told you earlier this week about last weekend, and winning a bunch of stuff, including some fabric.  I also bought some fabric.  I am not 100% sure at this point if I am going to be able to make it to my goal of using more fabric than I bring in for the year.  This year is sliding away from me pretty quickly, and I have been working on finishing so many of the quilts from last year, the fabric for which, I've already considered out of my stash (it made my last year's numbers look really good, this year's, not really helping).  But I'm not giving up, I have a lot of quilts that still need backs, and backings are the fastest way to get rid of stash! :)  All this, I guess, to say that I brought in MORE fabric this week.  Let's see how the numbers look:

Fabric in this week:   8.417
Fabric out this week:  3 yards
Net Fabric this week:  5.417
Net Fabric 2018:   82.757

It's weird to me, because since it's mostly put away, I feel like my stash is smaller than it was at the beginning of the year, where the heck is an EXTRA 83 yards of fabric hanging out?!?! :)

So one of the things that I won last weekend at Bits and Pieces (my local quilt shop) is the Hoffman Dream Big Panel in FIRE! :)  I also got a fat quarter bundle of some of the fabrics in the Tula Pink All Stars line and the last bits of fabric I got were a fat quarter pack from the Jot line by Heather Givans for Hawthorne.  So hopefully I will be doing some cute and colorful playing soon.

The fabric that came out was 2 yards of backing and 1 yard of black solid to load onto my long arm and play, which has been great, I have been practicing pebbles almost every day and I have been playing with some new rulers and I have been doing some free motion writing...  I mention that, because it may come into play soon in a quilt.  We shall see.

So that's about all I have for today for new news.  This coming weekend my hubby and I are heading up to Maine with the quilter dogs to hang out for the weekend.  I am taking my sewing machine, and I am going to work on piecing all weekend, so hopefully I will have a fairly large finish to report next week.  So make sure you have a good weekend, hug your Mother, or any Mother and until next time:

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