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I've missed you...

I've missed you...

So, a LOT has happened.  You've already seen the biggest news...  I got a long arm machine!  I am totally in love with my Handiquilter Avante.  Even though he takes up most of my studio, and I still haven't figured out totally how I'm going to get everything to fit in the studio without having to rearrange to switch tasks, I will get there.  He was delivered a week ago today, and I have quilted three quilts already.  Yesterday's quilt is already completely finished, bound and tagged.  I was super happy with that one, if you couldn't guess.  I will be posting it next week.  It's worth the wait.

On top of that, we are getting a bunch of work done on the house, we are getting siding put on the house, so I had to escape to my "mobile office" (the local coffee shop) to actually be able to get some computer work done, I have been trying all week.  But the pounding and the siren song of the long arm machine have been too much for me to resist.  So here I sit with my salted caramel light roast (delicious, by the way).  

I brought in fabric last week.   A LOT of fabric, actually...  I got a whole bunch of licensed fabric for my shop, I will have some new quilts and other products coming in the next few weeks.  I also have a couple of orders than I am working on.  Those are going to require more fabric as well.  At least one of them will, I'm not sure about the second one yet.  So, let's talk about the fabric for a minute:

Fabric in this week:  17.723
Fabric out this week:  0
Net Fabric this week:  17.723
Net Fabric 2018:  70.938

I know, it looks really bad.  We're at the end of Q1!  But, I have been trying to actually NOT add finishes yet, since I had a huge pile of finishes from last year to work through.  Actually finishing three of those quilts is a great start, but that fabric has already been taken out of my totals.  Once I get caught up (busts out laughing with you), I should be able to get the totals back down to a reasonable level. :)

With having the long arm at home, it's been difficult for me to balance knowing that I can take my time, wanting to get things done and the hurry up and get this done mentality that I had when I rented time.  You can see how quick finishes were fairly necessary then.  I am going to put on a project that I plan to finish slowly, but I feel like I want to rip through some of the other backlog first.  We will see what I decide. :)  You will be sure to find out.  

Ok, so I know that I've thrown a lot of information at you all at once.  I was excited to get the news out to you!  I will try to write more next week (if I can pry myself away from the long arm).  Take Care, and until next time:


So...  You wanna buy a long arm quilting machine?

So... You wanna buy a long arm quilting machine?

Fabric Stash Friday

Fabric Stash Friday