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Fabric Fri-Yay!

Hey everyone!  So right now, I'm working on finishing quilt on my long arm and doing a customer quilt.  I have to work them both at the same time, because I don't want to take the quilt off of my long arm and then put it back on *shiver*, and the customer quilt needs to be done in like a week (yikes!).  So...  I am working on both at the same time...  No small task, trust me.  But I'm muddling along.  

So for the last two weeks I have had no finishes, big or small.  I have been quilting and designing, and last Friday, I went to MQX East in Manchester, New Hampshire.  MQX is the Machine Quilters Expo, and it was AWESOME.  I took 2 classes from Karlee Porter, which were amazing and now I'm going to be doing her Graffiti Quilting Master Class starting in May, which I am SO excited for! The classes I took at MQX were lecture/demos, but I did a ton of drawing and it was freaking awesome!  I'm so excited for the Master Class to start!

So my fabric count hasn't budged, except for adding more, as I purchased the fabric for the customer quilt that I'm currently working on.  So the numbers look like this:

Fabric in this week:  13
Fabric out this week:  0
Net Fabric this week:  13
Net Fabric 2018:  83.938

Yes, that is approaching 100 yards of fabric over where I started, it's weird, though, because it feels like my stash is not getting any bigger.  I guess it's one of those things that slowly creeps up on you.  

Today, I am working heads down on my customer quilt, I want to see if I can finish the whole character today, so that next week, I just have to finish up the background, the quote and then figure out how to quilt this whole monstrosity. :)  So, until next time...

Piece (and long arm)

Why I Bought a Long Arm Machine, Step 1 in the Journey.

Why I Bought a Long Arm Machine, Step 1 in the Journey.

So...  You wanna buy a long arm quilting machine?

So... You wanna buy a long arm quilting machine?