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"Moderns," Let's face it...

"Moderns," Let's face it...

If you consider yourself a Modern Quilter, or you are a quilter or any ilk that has even a slight lean toward a modern aesthetic, you face some opposition in the quilting industry.  I can't tell you how many time I've been in a class and heard "Oh, you're one of those "MODERNS"...  It has sometimes been a joke, and sometimes accompanied by a noticeably large eye-roll.

I like bright, saturated colors.  I like more graphic designs, I like quilting other than huge, difficult, plumey feathers.  I guess that makes me a "MODERN" quilter.  Actually, I consider myself a Modern Traditional quilter.  Confused?  Yeah, I am at times too.  However, what I would say is that I am drawn toward quilts that I like, and I treat them in the way I feel like is most aesthetically appropriate considering all of their pieces.  Sometimes I like the big open negative spaces, sometimes I like blocks and sashing, sometimes I like reproduction fabrics, sometimes I like improv piecing and straight line quilting, I even have a quilt that I just recently finished that is covered in traditional feathers.  I like what I like.

Modern vs. Traditional can turn quickly into a flame war of epic proportions, I wish not at all to get anywhere near that, I just want to say, which ever you are, you're ok.  Do you.  Let me do me, we will be fine.  What we have in common is that we need FABRIC, so excluding anyone else only limits us to our own fabric choices, which we might look back at in 5 years and say, "What was I thinking?!?!?"  What we can all get behind is fighting the stigma that the quilter is a 90 year old granny sitting on the porch in the rocking chair hand piecing away.  Listen, if rotary cutters had been around when Granny was making her quilts, you can be sure she would have been using them.  Educate the non-quilters in your life, and maybe just maybe, they will want to try it, and then there can be MORE FABRIC for all of us to be playing with. :)

Love each other, and Piece!


My Studio Looks Different

My Studio Looks Different

Fabric Friday!  And Happy National Quilting Day!

Fabric Friday! And Happy National Quilting Day!