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Fabric Friday!  And Happy National Quilting Day!

Fabric Friday! And Happy National Quilting Day!

First off, Happy National Quilting Day!  I'm hoping to actually get some sewing done today, but for the morning, at least, I am at my auxiliary office (my Local Coffee Shop) having my breakfast, supporting local business, AND doing some catch-up/paperwork.  With that said, I'm going to keep it short and sweet today.

So I have been promising big news, and what a great day to announce, that GeekQuilter is now officially a business, GeekQuilter LLC is official!  It's been a steep learning curve for me and a lot of paperwork but I am excited for what's to come, and can't wait for you find out what else is in the works!  Trust me, this is just the first of a few big announcements coming in the near future.

As far as fabric goes, I did have one finish this week, I made myself a little banner for my growing collection of pins.  So I had a little fabric out, and I haven't brought any fabric in at all.  The numbers look like this:

Fabric in this week:  0
Fabric out this week:  .75
Net Fabric this week:  -.75
Net Fabric 2018:   54.964

So, I'm still not doing as well as I would like, but I'm hoping to be able to get back to being productive in the next week or two.  Until then:


"Moderns," Let's face it...

"Moderns," Let's face it...

Le Sigh...

Le Sigh...