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Fabric Stash Friday!

Hello again everyone!  I know it's been a while since we didn't a Fabric Stash Friday.  I don't actually have anything to report since the last time I gave you some numbers.  I have actually be working, as much as possible, actually.  We have been having more issues with the house, our basement flooded not once, but twice this week!  But let's focus on the sewing! :)

So I don't have anything to report this week, asI have had only starts in the last two weeks, no finishes.  I have started by cutting both of my Quarterly Quilts (BearPaw and Foxes III), I got caught up on my Quilter's Planner BOM, and I thought about starting the work quilt that I have on order...  Yeah, I just thought about it.

So here's what it looks like for the year so far:
Fabric in this week:  0
Fabric out this week:  0
Net Fabric this week:  0
Net Fabric 2018:  16.679

I'm stuck right where I have been for 2 weeks.  Although, the ball is rolling.  So let's hope next week is more productive.  Keep your chins up, and until next time:


Want to WIN A QUILT?!

Want to WIN A QUILT?!

Social Media and Confirmation Bias

Social Media and Confirmation Bias