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The Final Countdown.

Well, my first semester of my Graphic Design program is almost finished. I have all of my Final Projects turned in, and I just have to write a couple of critiques and do one more small exercise. It has been a challenge, for sure, FO SHO, but it has been so great. I have learned SO much in just 10 weeks. I have some time off, now to catch my breath a bit and let the new found knowledge sink in. I also want to steadily work on my portfolio so that I have pieces that I really adore to turn in with my grad school application.

This may very well be one of them. It is my Photographic Imaging Final Project… We were tasked with putting at least four different images together to create something that doesn’t exist. I made a keytar playing elephant man named Kelephantar. I know, right? Totally weird. But pretty freaking cool in the end. My husband says it looks like the cover of a Herbie Hancock record and he wants to use it for cover art on his next CD. LOL Speaking of my husband’s CD’s, they are finished and will be arriving, I believe next week and shipping out ASAP after that. All the information about pre-ordering or downloading is available at www.strangeconversations.com Check it out!

So, no fabric in or out this week, way too busy with school to mess with any of it. :) Actually, the box I got last week is still sitting at my dining room table, unopened, no love. Well friends, I really have to be off, I have to get my refrigerator cleaned out and my kitchen cleared up a little. So until next time,

Piece! and Long Arm

A Quick One

A Quick One