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Remote Fabric Friday

I’m “working” remotely today, for at least a couple of hours. I have spent the week working on and off on getting my house back in shape and the commissioned quilt that I have already sold and need to get finished by Christmas. I can’t believe we’re already here again, at the end of the year. preparing for Christmastime. It’s official.

This year went quickly, with home renovations, deciding on school and actually starting school. It has been great, but kind-of a whirlwind. Oh yeah, and tucked in there, my husband started and finished (as in we have physical product) an album. He did SO MUCH WORK on it, but I am so proud of him for seeing in through and for how great it turned out.

So as for fabric, which I would say, according to the title is the reason we are all here. I have had no finishes to speak of. But I also haven’t gotten any more fabric, so the last 2 weeks have been a wash. and my current total is 103.129 yards up for the year. I DID get my low volume Cutie quilted and bound (still have to turn and tag), I also put the binding on my Llama quilt. So I am making progress, just not the kind that takes fabric out of my stash.

With that, I must away. I have to get back and do at least 8 more rows on my commission. So until next time, friends,

Piece and Long Arm!

Another Friday

Another Friday