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A Quick One

Well friends,

I had a nice beautifully crafted blog post crafted, and I somehow just swiped it away. Unfortunately for you, I have run low on time to recreate it. Now you get the Reader’s Digest version. I ordered more fabric, enough to finish up two of my Cotton + Steel quilts. It was looking good for me to actually get back to at least zero for the year, not any more, I have very little faith that I am going to make it back to zero for the year, and will actually be adding quite a bit of fabric to my stash for the year. Oh well, I guess bad things happen sometimes. Goals shift, even in the year. I have spent so much time and energy on school since the start of September that I have let the quilting and the business go onto auto-pilot. Not necessarily a bad thing, just a shift in priorities for now. So anyway, here are the numbers for the week:

Fabric in this week: 14.833 yards

Fabric out this week: 0 yards

Net Fabric this week: 14.833 yards

Net Fabric 2018: 102.329 yards

Yes, that’s right, with just two purchases, I’m back up over 100 yards in. The priorities are definitely different, folks :) Well, now that I have had to blog twice, my homework is not just calling, it’s screaming at me. So until next time, Piece and Long Arm!!!

The Final Countdown.

The Final Countdown.

On an Actual Friday

On an Actual Friday