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Another Friday

Well Hello Again Friends,

Can you believe it, it’s Friday again! This week has gone fast, but it was a short week for us, my husband had Monday off, which meant we were doing fun things instead of working! I have been working with a customer on a custom quilt that is going to be EPIC… More pics and information to come in the future. My husband has been working on an album for almost a year, the finalized CD’s came in this week, so we will be shipping them out this weekend, super psyched about that!

The biggest news is, though that I got back in my studio and it FELT SO GOOD! In the 3½ days that I’ve gotten to work so far this week, I have finished 1 top and back, cut another and planned a third! It has been super productive! And it’s been fun! I sat and cut out two quilts this week and didn’t get tired of cutting! So it has been a great week!

So, yes, I got a top and a back done, but yes, I bought some more fabric. I had to get the rest of what I needed for my customer quilt. I actually pulled a lot of it out of my stash, but there were a few things I didn’t have in there that I needed. So here’s how it went this week:

Fabric in this week: 7 yards

Fabric out this week: 6.2 yards

Net Fabric this week: .8 yards

Net Fabric 2018: 103.129 yards

I was JUST about to go under 100, then I had to go and buy fabric today. That will all be coming back out again soon, though, this quilt is supposed to be a Christmas Gift. I am hoping I can get it sent across the country in time. I should be able to.

My creativity exploded all over my desk today, so it has been a good day! Well, that is about all of the news from my camp today, so until next time, friends…

Piece! And Long Arm!

Remote Fabric Friday

Remote Fabric Friday

The Final Countdown.

The Final Countdown.