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Hello again, Friends!

It has been A LONG time since I’ve seen you around. Listen, things here have been NUTS! School is super challenging me, but in a super great way. I have been working my fanny off! My mom and dad were here to visit for almost 2 weeks, and it was so nice having them here. We didn’t do much (they’ve seen most of the sights around here), but we played a LOT of cribbage (Dad and I won over Mom and Hubby in a stunning come from behind upset), we ate a lot of good food, including Tuckaway Tavern and LOBSTAH!

While they were here, my dad fixed up a few things around the house (YAY!) and my mom and I made an entire big jar full of Monster eyeballs (decorated ping-pong balls), and she quilted her fanny off. She completed a top that was blocks when she got here, she quilted 3 quilts, and made me quilt 1. She had all 4 of those quilts bound by the time she got home, too! I think she liked using the long arm, but when my dad asked if she wanted one, she heartily declined. I guess 1 per family is enough, huh? She also left a top behind for me to quilt for her, so I guess my first “customer” quilt is in the system.

Also while they were here I had 2 orders come in, on top of school. Both of those got finished finally last week. So I am almost mostly caught up. Just in time for the last 3 weeks of my semester.

The other joyful news is that my mom took 3 shopping bags full of SCRAPS from my stash. I didn’t want to measure the pieces and add them all up, so I consulted the internet and figured out the yardage by weight. Even though I haven’t been publishing my numbers, I have been keeping track, and I’m so psyched. Well, until this week, but let’s talk about the numbers as of last FRIDAY!

So as of the last time I reported my fabric and 10/19 my numbers look like this:

Fabric in: 14.075 yards

Fabric out: 69.112 yards (yep, I used and offloaded almost 70 yards of fabric! (that does include a pretty substantial quilt of my own that I finished)

Net Fabric: -55.037 yards

Net Fabric 2018: 48.746 yards

Do you see that, I’m under 50 yards! Ok, yes, I went on a Cotton + Steel binge on Friday… Yes, there are two really big boxes of fabric in my studio yet to be counted. I was having a rough day, ok?!!? Retail therapy was in order. :)

Hopefully I can get to you sooner next time, but until next time,

Piece! And Long Arm!

On an Actual Friday

On an Actual Friday

School Days, School Days

School Days, School Days