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Throwback Thursday:  Where it all Started.

Throwback Thursday: Where it all Started.

In today's throwback, one of my very first and most searched blog posts from another life (and another website), called What's A Pibble?, I am talking about our dog Pixel.  We have since adopted a second Pibble named Taco. You will hear more about Pixel and Taco in the future, I'm sure. :)


You may be asking yourself why the title of this blog is Pibble Pulling Threads? You may say to yourself what is a Pibble? And further, what does it have to do with quilting. Well, this post intends to answer all of those as well as other hard-hitting questions that I imagine you might be asking yourself.

First of all, it is my sincerest hope as well as my plan to not make this *just another* quilting blog, but one that relates to more than just established quilters, but people who have similar interests to me outside of my prohobby (profession/hobby). So I titled this blog about more than just quilting, but also about one of my other passions, dogs.

A “Pibble” is a shortened, cuted up version of “Pit Bull”. Now before my quilting friends go running and screaming in horror, please hear me out. Yes, I PROUDLY own a pit bull. Yes, she is my quilter dog. Yes, she is amazing. No, she is not going to rip my arm or that of a child off at any moment in her life.

There’s some back story here… Let’s start at the beginning.

My husband and I set out to get a dog about 3 1/2 years ago. We looked at a few rescues in the area we were living, but didn’t find any dogs that fit into our family. We wanted a relatively young pup, and a general good dog for beginners. I was a first time dog owner, my husband has had several dogs in his lifetime. We went to a local pet store, I know sin #1, but again, hear me out. I fell in love with a beagle there. He was adorable, and I wanted him. Sadly, they could not hold him for us the week that we needed to move to our new apartment, and when we went back later in the week, he was of course gone. We went to a different pet store, when a GORGEOUS and completely precious English Springer Spaniel picked us. We got him to our and his new home 3 days later. 2 days after that, he spent the night in the hospital with pneumonia. Long story short, our precious Po had a very short, but very full life. He had a severe form of genetic (thanks to the poor breeding and puppy mill practices of the pet store breeders) epilepsy, and the heavy medication he needed to control his seizures ultimately took his life at not even 3 years old. He was my constant companion. I was home with him every day except for the first 3 weeks we had him, when he went to the office with my husband. He loved to go anywhere in the car, the vet, the groomer, anywhere! He developed severe pancreatitis in December of 2010, and passed away 12/17/2010. He is still missed every day. He was such a gentle, happy soul.

Fast forward 3 months to February, when my husband and I take a quick trip on a Saturday morning to the local Humane Society. We had no intentions of adopting, but just “checking out the dogs.” I felt that I wasn’t ready yet to have another dog, and that I was still mourning Po. Well, there were two puppies there that melted my heart. They were two Pit Bull puppies, sisters named Shasta and Ms. Pibb. By Monday we were sure that we wanted to adopt one of them, I kept thinking of Ceasar Millan’s Pit Bull, Daddy, whenever I thought “Oh we can’t get a Pit Bull!” Well Monday, the Humane Society is closed, Tuesday we had an epic snow storm and could not go out. Wednesday they were closed because of the snow, so I showed up about 10 minutes after they opened on Thursday, and the one that we had decided on, Shasta, was being adopted by another family. I took Ms. Pibb out for a walk, and again, long story short, her name was changed to Pixel, and she came home with us that very same night, and my love affair with the “Pibble” began.

Now, you may be saying, why a Pit Bull? I’ll give you two reasons, 1 they are GREAT dogs, loyal, smart, fun-loving, courageous, healthy, sturdy, sure, a little stubborn as all terriers are, but in the end, the good far outweighs the bad; and 2 they are the dogs in need right now. They are the dogs that I can most help by adopting. I will adopt from now on, I will more than likely never buy another dog again, not from a breeder, and DEFINITELY not from a pet store. Lesson learned, the SUPER hard way.

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