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...AND We're off!

...AND We're off!

Here we go on a great big adventure together!  My new blog on my new website!  I hope that we can have some good times together, I will mostly be writing about my quilting and educating, but there will, I'm sure be some sprinkled in stories about my dogs (of course), cooking, educating, music, and some travel adventures.

Today starts with a quilt that was finished and sent off yesterday.  Every time I send one of these out, I think, "Your Princess is in another Castle!" and drop him in the box.  It amuses me, ok.  Please, leave a comment, tell me who you are, where you are and how you found me so we can go on this ride together, and definitely stay tuned, there is LOTS more to come!

Until next time:  Piece!

Warped Time Wednesday:  The One about the Mink Oil

Warped Time Wednesday: The One about the Mink Oil